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Business Mauritius (formerly Mauritius Employers' Federation - MEF) needed a fresh website with modern looks and feel. They also needed a secured member's area exclusively for their members to consult their various publications.

An impressive result in analytics
The Member's Corner has been highly effective and very appreciated.
Return on Investment of 150%


A very short time frame and a huge database of members to handle. The previous website of MEF was hacked and infected by a virus. The client needed an assurance to have a totally secure website. There are hundreds of files under different categories that were delivered on CD via post to some 2000 members. Each time there was an update in a document, a fresh and updated copy should be sent to every single member once more.


Dividing the development phase into 2 sections. The website to be delivered and promoted as fast as possible, and the member's corner to be implemented gradually and a secure access to be created for each member.


The website gets over 5000 visitors per day and the company actually made a huge profit via the new member's corner since the cost for CD production and postage fee for dispatching was eliminated. We also eliminated the need to send the password to each member by post as we generated a unique ID and password for each member.

5000 daily visits

400% initial profit

150% ROI

From The Client

This is to certify that Business Mauritius (formerly Mauritius Employers' Federation (MEF)) has worked with WebCube to design its new website - 

Mr Jessram Koonja has demonstrated a high degree of excellence and creativity. His thoughtful and professional advices have been admired, and he never hesitated to put in extra hours to respect tight deadlines.

Mr Koonja is reliable and committed in all his projects, and has a pleasant personality. His services have been well-appreciated.

We highly recommend using WebCube to design and build future websites.

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